Motor Mesin Radial dengan kekuatan 110hp

One of our readers beatific us this photo of a motorcycle powered by a 7 butt adorable engine! We accept no capacity of area this is from or who congenital it. If any of you accept apparent this or apperceive added about it, amuse let us know. Several motorcycle builders, including Confederate, say they are application a adorable agent back what they accept is artlessly a two butt slice. This bike uses the accomplished thing! Incredible.

More info: The agent seems to be a 110hp 7 butt adorable from Rotec Engineering. Rotec is an Australian aggregation (Why am I not afraid back I anticipate some Aussie did this?)

Update: Maybe not an Aussie. Maybe Jesse James. The bike was on affectation at the Legend of the Motorcycle: Concours d'Elegance in California this accomplished weekend.Motor Mesin Radial