Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter Mx 2010

Specs Modification Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter Mx 2010: Spek Modified:
1. Tires Front: 80/80-17 RaceTech
2. Blkg Tires: Yoko Battlax 90/80-17
3. Racing wheels: 8 + Painting Racing1 White Cross Liwanag by Motormania
4. Kaki2: Painting Gold (Swingarm, Engine Cover, sprocket cover, Rear Footstep, Sok Front, Seat Holder) by Motormania
5. Body: Painting two tone orange degradation (DuPont) by Motormania
6. Front discs: 300mm by Pinang Racing One Racing
7. Blkg discs: Master Nissin Satria 120R with Double Piston calipers and discs Satria by Motormania
8. Monoshock: Yoko with Tube Nitro by Motormania
9. Sticker by Cutting 'Cutting Portals and Arts Sticker', Jl.RSPP
10. Racing Seat two tone colors
11. Air Flow Cover (White Carbon Kevlar) by Motormania
12. Black Carbon Look Mirror by Motormania
13. Front Fender Model MotoGP by Motormania
14. For Jupi Endurance Racing Exhaust MX
15. Inside Basketball by Motormania
16. Bottle Hanger ZEFAL

Repair Modification:
- Rejeki Motor, Cinere
- Portals and Arts-Cutting Sticker, Pondok Labu"
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