Honda CB 100 Retro Classic Bikes

The old motorcycles is now rising. Besides the cheap price is also good for because it can be modified dicangkokan HONDA generation engine components such as GL 100, GL PRO, TIGER can also capture other motor components SHOCK semisan Home RX-KING etc..

Dipenghujung year of 2000 was only valued motor around 300 thousand, then increased to 700 thousand, 2 years ago is still around 1 million and this ditahun prices skyrocketed again About a 1.8 million. Fantastic .... it's all thanks to the behavior that makes the motor modifikator this CBMOTOR BASE MODIFICATIONS.

But to modify the alias SPEED TRAIL RUN or for a small CC is not qualified should be in the BORE UP using TIGER Seher. Costs dikeluarkanpun so swollen. Suggestions for modif CB would be better to take the base level of 1 or 2 above such as GL 100, GL PRO atan dimodifnya better because its engine is more easily and cheaply modified. For who would be consulting MODIFICATION CONTACT OMC at 021-70755444