Kawasaki 2300cc V-12 Motorcycle

Allen Millyard's first attempt at a burnout doesn't work. In what we hope was an isolated incident of "mad scientist gone tame," Millyard fails to feed the rear tire enough good ol' V-12 torque. Rather than engulf the scene in smoke and sweet music, the big Kawasaki simply inches forward with its front tire squeaking in protest. But Millyard's not going to be beaten, and tries again—and this time the rear Michelin breaks traction. Suddenly, Millyard has a massive grin on his face, and is revving the hell out of his latest creation, which makes a glorious growl through its open pipes while smoke pours from the spinning rear tire. Kawasaki 2300Cc V12 Right Side Burnout View Kawasaki 2300Cc V12 Full Engine View Kawasaki 2300Cc V12 Full Right Side View