Premium Honda PCX skutik

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Honda tech injection skutik PCX is the first in Indonesia. To maintain stable performance is related to the ideal temperature of engine performance, PCX uses the alias radiator liquid cooling system on the PGM-FI engine makes this bike the more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, and even had to meet exhaust emission standards of Euro 3.

For safety affairs of the new Combi-Brake technology that existed at the last generation Vario, also already owned by the PCX, thereby providing confidence when braking suddenly. Combi-Brake features hydraulic piston with these three, it automatically activates the front brake when drivers activate the rear brake.

Many motorcyclists who often only operate the rear brake without the help of front brake. In fact, if only the rear brakes are activated and until the lock, will cause the rear wheel slid sideways and difficult to control.

Another new safety feature that is not less unique is the sensors that were planted in the driver's seat. This sensor is connected with the feature side stand switch, ie switch on the side of a good standard to shut down the engine when the next standard.

With the existence of this sensor, improved safety element because the machine can only be the start when the rider in a sitting position even though the standard has been folded and the side brake lever is pressed. If not, the start button will not be active.

In terms of security, anti-burglar alarm system that existed at the Honda PCX has intelligence to detect the vibration and movement. To activate the system can use the new remote control was first implemented and is currently only available in premium skutik Honda.

PCX Honda also offers the sensation of comfort on the road through sit-ins design riding position, tubeless tire had a large profile that is stable, and dual rear suspension. In addition, Honda is also equipped with intelligent PCX shutter key which serves as a safety ignition magnet, the lever opening the trunk volume, which can store 32 liters fullface helmets, as well as uncapped berkepasitas 6.2-liter petrol tank.

Executive Vice President Director AHM Loman said the premium segment motorcycles synonymous with a lifestyle that far better known in motor sport markets. Motor manufacturers in Indonesia have not been playing in this premium segment skutik.

"We want Honda to select all. Therefore we represent the product in every segment, including by introducing our new flagship for skutik premium, namely Honda PCX," says Loman.

With all of the benefits of design and technology, Honda PCX is projected to meet the metropolitan lifestyle of men aged 25-30 years with a profile of trendy, smart, very concerned look and have interest in the bike a comfortable, luxurious and high-tech