New Tiger Facelift Honda

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to add new variants in the sports segment with the launch of Honda Tiger facelift without any ceremonial event. The aim is to strengthen market penetration, as well as to augment Tiger variants that have been dominating the class of motor sport in the 200 cc.

Although the facelift, it looks more elegant and loaded with character of sport touring.
If the previous two models rely on asymmetric light, now the Tigers back to the model of a single lamp (rounded single headlight). The difference is, with a single lamp, modern cruisers motorcycle design more prominent.

At the top of the main lights have Visor. This view makes it look more sporty Tiger and stout. In addition, the new design on the aluminum support bracket and panel meters headlights are coated chrome adds luxury and style of the new Tiger variant.

Meanwhile, the long variant of Honda Tiger is also changing. This can be seen from the design line and color of the body which now appear more aggressive. Asymmetric two-lamp design combines advanced design concept and appearance of the European motor which raises the advanced cruiser motorcycle design.

Despite having a different view, AHM marketing two new variants of Honda Tiger is the same price, is USD 24.89 million (on the road of Jakarta). For variants of a single lamp, Honda offerings in three color options, namely Bromo Black, Red Krakatoa, and Grey, the Leuser. The asymmetric variant of the lamp has a choice of four colors, ie Black Makaly, Savano Red, Grey, Elbrus, and Carstensz White.

Marketing Director of PT AHM Julius Aslan said, although sales volume is not as ducks and skutik segment, sales growth is relatively stable types of sports. The contribution of this type of sport in national motor market between 8 percent and 10 percent.New Tiger Facelift Honda