Modifikasi Jetwin Regal Raptor 250 cc

This motor seems to be appropriate for you who want a chopper-style motorcycle. How could this chopper motorcycle dibanderol for only USD 21.8 million to USD 28.8 million. The name comes from the Taiwanese motor is Jetwin Regal Raptor. Certainly could be an option, especially price chopper motorcycle models such as Harley-Davidson has reached hundreds of millions. "Create a fun style mah mas," said a sales counter in the area Jetwin Jakarta Fair (PRJ), Jakarta, Monday (06/21/2010).
Because the model chopper like this, Jetwin Regal Raptor brought suspected would be more Jetwin Regal Raptor 250 cccomfortable walking distance compared to when we use ordinary motor sports types. And certainly, if you create a really macho guy," he concluded. Jetwin has three motors which have a model chopper namely Regal Raptor DD 250E-2-a stylish classic chopper. Then there is Regal-10 Raptor DD250E the newfangled American Chopper and Regal Raptor-9B DD250E a newfangled luxury cruisers. But the difference with Harley who always synonymous with large-capacity engine, three motor Jetwin apparently carrying the same machine with a capacity that is not too big twin-cylinder 234 cc engine.
With these machines Jetwin trio is capable of spewing power up to 14.8 hp. But unfortunately, despite the burly maximum motor speed is only 110 km per hour. Looking at it, it looks like Jetwin not too concerned about the speed issue but only in appearance to a macho and a very affordable price for the motor chooper. For the price Jetwin newfangled Regal Raptor Chopper and American classic chopper is sold at USD 28.8 million and the sale of his luxury cruiser just USD 21.8 million.