Restorasi Kawasaki Binter Merzy

Kawasaki Binter Merzy (Ikhsan-detikOto)

Tired of looking for motorcycle spare parts to restore the old iron horse? Have traveled all over the archipelago was not able results. The ends of the iron horse just sitting in the garage. Well, do not want that to happen right?

One way that ancient motor is not wasted remodel 100 percent of the motor, like a virgin dilakoni origin of Pekanbaru, Vivi.

But whoa, provided you have more funds okay. Because Vivi willing to disburse funds up to USD 17 million for a dream.

Vivi initially had only 200 cc Kawasaki Binter merzy 1983. Mmm .. jadul enough or not? Do not want to bother contacting Ariawan just as the retainer of New Motor Sport (BMS), located in West Palmerah No way. 25, West Jakarta.

"Vivi's only got a Kawasaki Binter merzy worth USD 3 million. He asked for revamped its forms, "said Ariawan to detikOto when home modifications disambangi detikOto some time ago.

Fortunately Vivi gave the overall concept of the modifier. Ari's face it, without doubt played all his imagination.

"All we are offering the same concept Vivi. It can be aggressive chopper sports concept. You could say 100 percent custom, "says Ari.

Want to get a taste Sport Chopper Aggressive, chassis Kawasaki Binter strong merzy famous stripped until only just left the machine. Wow naked dong!

Furthermore, a custom made chassis chopper aggressive sports appetite. Because of its design chooper course must wear a rigid up-side down.

Do not want to play games to immerse UPSD stands Ari Up Side Down Trail KX85 Kawasaki's combined with a custom wide handlebar and Ari-style head lamp.

Not up there, the gas tank was not separated from the imagination of Ari. The tank is made to strengthen the pursed down chopper image.

Well, now lives legs. We first review the back. Homemade chassis turned out to make room for 16-inch rims Honda Genio. Split rim sizes up to 6 cm for mencokokan Firestone tire size 130/90. To penghalau rate sank Ari Satria FU Nissin brakes.

Continue to the front. To the front of the palm of Firestone tires used disematlah size 90/80 with a rim size of 18 to bind aftermarket rims.

While the future rate used penghalau PSM berkaliper 4 piston disc. The last part is the color. To get the bright colors, the retainer secretly red menyeprotkan Maron Spies hackers.

"If for business color, for that one baseball wrong choice," said Ari.
(Ikh / ddn)