Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), did not want to lag in the matter of modification. One of them, Boby Damanik, the renovation must perform twice on the Suzuki Thunder 250CC own because not satisfied. Master of law incidental a lawyer like this with the fairing design.

Here, Suzuki Thunder 250CC is a challenge for Topo Goedhel Atmojo as a builder of Custom Tauco (TC). The Boby motornya have made MOGE MOGE waste without assistance, even if it provides adequate budget for gede memermak body.

"Previously, he was modif motor in place, but the design fall apart and I are more benerin," Topo clear that to meet the demands of the clients have to work a maximum in a matter of body.


Level of complexity, according to Topo, body balance, arm swing (swing arm), and the size of the wheels. Thus, although from MOGE GSX, Topo said, dimensinya made smaller. Patokannya the wheel and swing arm.


For wheels, combining it 2.5 inches front and 3.5 inches rear. This variation Honda Tiger, he said, which is sold in many shops variations. After that, the paper Topo play, starting from the swing arm.

To appear harmonious, monoshock disematkan, the property of Suzuki Satria 120. In addition to easily obtained, the dimensions, per the existing enggak too large. Use of body part from a small motor to continue to be the other. For example, brake lights from the Yamaha Jupiter MX, and visor dicomot from Kawasaki Ninja 150.

To exhaust, TC designing your own. Triangular shape, which is more of a trend in MOGE hole with a disposal well that is seen. Seemed neat. "What a scene look better, made the cover," said Topo using the thin plate for knalpotnya. Start from the neck tube to be given so that the silver color to be eye cacthing.