Minerva Sachs R 150 VX

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JAKARTA, (4.28) - PT. Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI), released a way to become one of the motor manufacturers outside of Japan that could suck up a significant market share in the 150cc class of motor sport to the top. Such commitments began manifested by presenting a new product enhancements from the previous generation of Minerva R 150. Shown with the new design is more sporty, futuristic style as well as machines which have more power and responsiveness, is proud to introduce the Minerva Sachs R MMI 150 VX.

By holding Megelli UK as the creator of the design of Minerva Sachs R 150 VX, MMI claim this bike as a brand with a new design, do not imitate other forms of motor like that is always considered so far. "Minerva Sachs Germany Megelli this time took sides in the design process, so that we can confirm that Minerva Sachs R VX 150 this really is our own design, and the future, we will always release products with different designs with others, both within and overseas, "said Kristianto Goenadi, President Director of PT Minerva Motor Indonesia.
Minerva 150 R VX Sachs come up with the concept of a full fairing, but the look on his face more assertive and macho combined the aerodynamic curves of the tank so that more felt the smell of real sports. These features are still the mainstay of the old generation were retained, including monoshock absorber, front disc rear, digital speedometer, with a bandage soft upholstery-quality materials and separated between the front and rear and tubeless tire. Most important is the technology diaplikasikannya Advance Engine Balancer (AEB), which functions as a vibration damper when in high speed.

Engine performance is made different from previous editions, this time Minerva VX 150 series equipped with 150 cc SOHC engine that is able to snap the power up to 13.5 PS at 9500 rpm engine speed. 1L/30 km fuel consumption, type of premium fuel at a recommended by PT.MMI.
Minerva 150 R VX Sachs released into the market with 16.5 million price with three color options, white, red and black. (Zie)