Honda Scoopy 2010 Retro Indonesia

Retro motorcycle will likely become the next trend. Motor manufacturers also plan to incorporate a retro-style motorcycles national motorcycle to the market.Honda Scoopy 2010 Retro Indonesia,PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) also looked at these things. Honda reportedly plans to incorporate retro variant skutik Scoopy into Indonesian motorcycle market.

Views outside Scoopy very tempting with a rounded body, either in the body, the main lights up in the rearview mirror. This design makes it look very fresh, young people will probably be the target.Scoopy will appear fresher and predicted could be an alternative where the entire motor current are still stylish skutik conventional or even futuristic."The model is interesting, we'll see," said Marketing Director, AHM, Julius Aslan, Saturday (06/01/2010).

Honda Scoopy i consumers already can buy Thailand since Sept. 25 because it has brought sophisticated enough technology PGM-FI system. Honda Thailand is optimistic that the product is sold for 44 300 baht were able to sell 150,000 units per year.

"Overall the motorcycle market begins to experience more positive toward improvement since the middle of this year. Therefore, to boost sales of Honda we have launched a new product that has the excellence and sophistication, "said Honda's Asia-Pacific leaders at the launch Zenjiro Sakurai Honda Scoopy i in Bangkok, mid last month."PGM-FI system is applied on the Scoopy is part of our plan to make all of Honda motorcycles in this year using the technology," he continued.Scoopy i that first base was developed in Japan in 1992 is a scooter matic that lead to their lifestyles. With a piece of rounded, sweet and pleasant, Scoopy i disegmenkan for young people.

In Thailand, the latest Scoopy has been marketed since September last year with a carrying capacity of 110cc 4 stroke engine. The machine was equipped with water cooling and injection system and claimed to only need one liter of gasoline to go as far as 49 km. [Sssb]