Peugeot Electric Scooter, E-Vivacity (2010)

Peugeot released an electric version of the scooter, called the E-Vivacity. Electric model is, at least, analogous to 50 cm3 petrol scooter. Peugeot E-Vivacity is equipped with a lithium-cobalt battery capacity of about 4 000 watts, allows scooters on a single charge to overcome the 80 … 100 km.

The electric motor is capable of independently recharged during braking.

Under the driver’s seat has a board cable, with which you can recharge the batteries through an ordinary electrical outlet (230 V). Full charge the battery takes about four hours.

Specifications – synchronous motor with air cooling (equivalent to 50ss), the battery weight – 25kg., Transmission – gear, 32 mm front fork, front brake – Disk 200 mm., Rear brakes – a disc of 190 mm., Dimensions 1910 x 680 x 1168 mm., height – 786 mm., weight – 115 kg.