BSA M33 58, BSA 56, Norton 350 61

If the previous segemen robby boasts state-made motor uncle sam. Another case with bopal, bachelor and iwan three instead agreed to collect the output motors europe. ie, BSA type 58 m 33 years old, 1956 years old BSA and Norton 350 cc 1961 years. like the old motorcycles others, and norton bsa are vehicles used during the second world war. the era these motors are tough in all fields. Indonesia entered the innate to the Allied Forces

Furthermore, in the era of independence, because it has torque and big power, with a few modifications this bike is used as the engine cycle rickshaw and OJEG in some regions outside of Java. but by the collectors, especially the ground of Java, this bike is returned to many of its original form and collectible.

These three men also joined in brotherhood bikers, all three are part of a vigilante, or more fame with the title TATIB disebuah motorcycle club, but more complex with all existing regulations on bikers brotherhood. to support and exsistensi appearance at the club, such as the European motor NORTON BSA or in the right perspective as a gallant steed and gahar.

Getting the old motor and classmates NORTON BSA was not easy, different experiences of the three buying and restoring an old bike is a fairly unique experience. how to care for her any different from the Japanese motors are a lot of passing by on the highway. if not visited a specialist bike shop europe, on average they also have the skills to repair motorcycle while exposed to trouble.

Riding an old bike, was recognized as a very pleasant experience, but can join the club in a container with others to distribute penghobi hobby and establish Hospitality. a personal pride if at the time was driving the vehicle user focus lainnnya.

Collect and cherish the old motor is one manifestation of the owner's love of history value each owned a motorcycle, take good care of, is a way to avoid the extinction of the motors was little to contribute to Indonesia's independence day.