Modern Design Honda Futuristic concept car for Future

Japanese car maker Honda is set to unveil a new concept car at the upcoming British International Motor Show in London which will take place in less than a fortnight's time.

Wow This Greats beautiful design honda concept car. i think this design concept car for future because this car is futuristic.

What is green, soft, glows in the dark and can do a 360 standing in place? The Honda PUYO concept car. Although it is not literally green, not until it glows in the dark perhaps. With a design reflecting a cross between a space moon buggy and cartoon car, this concept car is pointless. Well, we mean to say it is all curves and soft bumps, and is void of sharp edges. Late last year Honda opened the 40th Tokyo Motor Show with the theme “For the endless joy of mobility on our earth”, and I imagine they wer

Honda has produced some pretty creative concept cars in the past. The Fuya Jo is what I call Over Creative. The car is designed for those who party all day and can use the Fuya Jo as a dance floor. With its out of ordinary interior this concept car can let the occupants dance while they are being transported to destination. Pretty much a waste of time for a concept car. One more pic

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