Classic Car Papercrafts - Chevrolet Confederate Roadster

Canon Creative Park has a new collection of car papercrafts rolling out featuring vintage classics - aptly called the "Classic Car Series".

The first car in the series is the 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Roadster, considered by many as one of the most outstanding Cheverolets ever, it outsold Ford by 100,000 units during the Great Depression era of the 1930-40s.

In keeping with its 'Baby Cadillac' nickname, the Confederate was characterized by flamboyant style to rival its V16 Cadillac cousins. With a luxurious interior and an extensive range of features, its specifications also lived up to the 'Baby Cadillac' name.

Specifications: 60 horsepower, 194 cubic inch, 6-cylinder in-line engine. Price New: $485. Weight: 2,480 pounds. Top speed: 70 MPH. Designed by Toshimasa Mitsutake of